About Damalina

Damalina is a factory located in Bali Indonesia, specializes in manufacturing leather footwear, fashion accessories and leather garment based on client’s designs and sketches since 10 years ago, but only employed cobblers and tailors with many years of experience.

Damalina has been working for several famous fashion brands and boutiques in Australia. By not having any retail shop, it allows us to focus on client’s needs and keep the design confidential. Now that we have more experiences and mastering our production plans, we are looking forward to expand our market and get more clients from other countries.
Damalina is the place for fashion designers, fashion labels and boutiques that are looking for leather fashion accessories which highly respect the handmade craftsmanship and the quantity of the order is not enormous. We also do labeling and packaging based on client’s needs or client’s own logo.

Damalina’s products are ranging from leather boots, shoes, sandal, purse, wallet, jacket, pants, shirt and dress. Our aims are to deliver handmade quality leather fashion accessories and promptness in adhering to appointed deadline.


Most of leather works in Indonesia were done in the island of Java where the Dutch traders have been working with them for more than 350 years, and their works have been displayed all over the world. All of Damalina’s workers are employed from Java and they have been enjoying work experiences for more than 15 years in their life and their skill goes from generation to generation. With their expertise, Damalina guarantees the best craftsmanship in leather goods possible. All products made in our factory are using leather as main material. But it also can be combined with fabric such as linen, canvas, cotton and silk. We are using several leather types namely suede, cow leather, soft lambskin, goat leather, python skin and embossed or printed leather. Everything is source locally for their greatest quality. Every manufacturing process is done by hand, from drawing pattern into leather, cutting and sewing. As the finishing touch we are also able to work on beadings and embroidery if you wish to add bohemian touch into the products you designed.